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In recent years, the Ohio Department of Natural Resource Division of Water has taken extensive efforts to maintain the historical appearance of the Miami and Erie Canal and the functionality of the needs of various structures, such as this drainage line under the canal on 66A north of Kossuth. 

Recent Projects include:

2000   Dredging in the area of Prairie Creek
2001   Spillway at Lock 16
2002   Dredging in the Spencerville area
2002   Improvements at Lock 14
2002   Tumbles Spillway reconstruction in St. Marys
2003   Six Mile Creek Aqueduct

Pictured below is a 2006 project that changed the muddy low lying towpath on the north side of St. Marys into a raise crushed stone trail.  Note how the canal holds water at a higher level than the river.

Viewable Map    Printable Maps: Towpath Trail - Delphos - St. Marys

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