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Lock 24 North during the late 1800s...

Prior to the age of electricity or steam boilers, the canal created a new source of energy in an area of generally flat terrain.   Lock 24N was typical of how water power aided in rapid industrial growth.  

The 103 canal lift locks of the Miami and Erie Canal raised canal boats 395 feet above Lake Erie, and 513 above the Ohio River at Cincinnati, Ohio.  Each canal lock was 90 feet long by 15 feet.*


Miami and Erie Canal Lock 24N, pictured on the left, still has the original stonework and the iron hasps that held the wooden water gates as picture on the right of Lock 1N.

Lock 24N can be located by looking for the water tower on the north side of Delphos; it is at the northwest corner of Stadium Park.  Canal Street parallels the west side of the towpath trail.

Today, the longest portion of the Miami and Erie Canal owned by government is the 40 mile section from Jennings Creek at the north edge of Delphos, Ohio, to Loramie Creek at the north edge of  Fort Loramie, Ohio.  The towpath is on the west side of the canal section and is open to the public.


* Source: Marker located in downtown New Bremen

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