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Mostly an indexing of notable posts from "You might be from Van Wert if..."

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 Early Days

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Trolley Car Main,Washington
Cattle herd 100Bl.W.Main
1920 era Main St.
300 Bl. N. Washington

Methodist Episc.Church,Jefferson&RR

Brumback Library

Opara House

Grain Mill, Shannon at RR 

2nd Ward School Jefferson,College
Cinncinati Northern RR Anderson Ave - turntable in 1980
Cinncinati Northern Overview
- Steam Engine 
Cinncinati Northern RR Depot, N.Fulton

Fire House 1913, 200Bl. S. Washington
Fire House 1925, 200Bl. S. Washington

Presbyterian Church,
1873-1920 300Bl.S.Washington

Flood of 1913 S/W from Courthouse Tower

Fountain Park - Fountain 1893
Completed Fountain Park

Opera House, 200Bl.W.Main west of creek
Flood of 1913, 200Bl. W.Main 
3rd Ward School
/Central H.S.,1868-1911,W.Crawford
Taylor & Crawford

100Bl. E. Main Horse & Buggy  W/B view of E. Main
McConahay Jewelry 114 E. Main
Early Marsh Hotel - Marsh Hotel
Courthouse Horse & Buggy
Grain hauling with horse & wagon 100Bl. E. Main

Bonnewitz Building - 148 E.Main
100 E. Main 1920 era
Old Jail E.Court St.

Gas Light Power Co. lower right image Johnson Ave

Original Humphrey Hughes Building

W/B view of E. Main
Saltzgaber home 300 Bl. E. Main - interior
Gas Station N/E Main & Race

White Hall Inn
(City Building location)  Demolition 
Anderson Piano Co. Harrison & Jackson

First Ward School 1893-1977

Interurban Depot Main and Cherry
2 3

Aerial of the Downtown
200Bl. S. Market
Bonnewitz Building, 148 E. Main St.

Van Wert Machine Shop Crawford&Walnut

Ditto's Grocery 300Bl.S.Walnut



100Bl. W. Main 1920s
Peony Parade 100Bl. W.Main 1950s  1957
A&P Grocery 1941 (N.Jefferson)

Estry Tower, N.Fulton

Car Dealership, 200Bl. S.Washington
1959 flood 200Bl. S. Washington
Park Hotel 225 S. Washington
Unite Brethren Church, Jefferson,Maple
Triangle Food,W.Crawford

Aerial of 1959 Flood

Temporary Fire Dept
Van Wert High School W.Crawford

100Bl. N.Washington
100Bl. E. Main 1940s
- 1947 - 1950s
Christmas 100Bl. E. Main

Van Wert National Bank - Derry Drug
Old Jail & squad cars 1940s
Aerial Train Depot 100Bl.E.Jackson
Train Depot
Van Wert Theater Main,Market
Ohio Theater 200Bl. E. Main

Aerial View

Williman Central,Market 
1959 Flood series
Dittos Grocery 300B. S. Walnut

4th Ward School S.Walnut,Greenwald

Steam Engine, Watchtower, city wide series
1959 Flood series
Fire Dept.Series

Later Years

        W. Main & north  Van Wert National Bank Demolition
 Memorial Park Tank
        South of W. Main

Aerial Fountain Park 2017 Flood, Downtown at night

        E. Main & north    Court House History
Home Guard Building Collapse 2020
        South of E. Main   Aerial of the Downtown

Aerial near Fountain Park
Aerial Flood of 2017 series 1
- series 2


Historical Photographs

Van Wert Local Videos

Places to See